August 20, 2019


Bingo is a game of chance, chance and fun. Here we will tell you what are the different rules of Bingo and the different stages of the game.

The Bingo Objective

The rules dictate that the objective of the game is to achieve a complete row of numbers in the Bingo card. Each cardboard has 5 rows and 5 columns. This is a feature that has always been maintained throughout the game’s history.

Bingo Cards

Each column has a specific letter connected to the word, so if the first column is “B”, the next one is “I”, then the “N”, then the “G” and finally the “O” . The first column is numbered with a number that goes from 1 to 15. The numbers in the second column vary from 16 to 30. In column “N” the numbers follow between 31 and 45. The number four contains numbers between 46 and 60. And the fifth column, which is the last one, is made up of variable numbers between 61 and 75.

The figures that are collected in Bingo are automatically generated by a computer program, or are extracted from a hype where the numbers are written on a ball similar to ping pong. Its rules force the draw to be a matter of chance, so if a player feels he has been cheated, for example in a casino, he can demand the randomness of the numbers.

The figures that are collected in bingo are automatically generated by a computer program, or extracted from a cage and seen on a ping pong ball. The bingo rules force the tie to be completely random, so if a player feels he is cheated he can turn to the casino and demand to examine the randomness of the numbers.

As for the rules of Bingo

Many types of casinos play with different rules and variations, so it is necessary to take some time to examine what they are in case you want to participate. Sometimes, some of these rules may prevent a player from being victorious, they may also not recognize the diagonal lines and for this reason you have to take into account the characteristics of each online game or casino to avoid misunderstandings.

Bingo ends when a player completes a row of numbers and not before. After the game has started, it is important to pay attention to the numbers that are dictated and find the respective number on each Bingo card to mark it beforehand with the intention of recognizing the marks.

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